Greek has seven vowels (letters) for just four vowel sounds. There are also eight double vowels (δίψηφα φωνήεντα): one creates a fifth vowel sound, four are alternate spellings for regular vowels, and three make a vowel + consonant sound.

    IPA   ~ English equivalent  
Α α [a]   a in father  
Ε ε [ɛ]   e in bed  
ΑI αι [ɛ]    "  
Η η [i]   ea in eat  
I ι [i]    "  
ΕI ει [i]    "  
ΟI οι [i]    "  
Υ υ [i]    "  
ΥI υι [i]    " (very rare)
Ο ο [o]   o in owe  
Ω ω [o]    "  
ΟΥ ου [u]   ou in soup  
ΑΥ αυ [af]
  af in after **
av in avid *
ΕΥ ευ [ɛf]
  ef in effort
ev in ever
ΗΥ ηυ [if]
  eaf in leaf
eav in leave
(very rare)

* Before all vowels and the consonants β, γ, δ, μ ν, λ, ρ

** Before any other consonants and at the end of words

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