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I’m Laura K. Lawless, creator, writer, editor, and CLO (Chief Lawless Officer) of this free online Greek learning site.

I’ve always been intrigued by the Greek alphabet, though I didn’t make a concerted effort to learn it until 2012, before my first visit to Greece. My husband and I decided to take a private class for 4 days at the beginning of our three-week trip, so before that we were determined to learn the alphabet and a few essential phrases. Our 12 hours of classes taught us enough to be able to carry on very short conversations, and made our exploration of Greece much richer than it would have been otherwise. While it’s easy to get around in English, we always started out with our bit of Greek, and everyone we met was delighted with our efforts. One day, we were practicing with each other on the subway, and a group of nearby people all jumped in with suggestions and corrections. It was just wonderful.

After that trip, which was truly one of the best I’ve ever taken (you can read a bit about it on my personal blog), I knew I wanted to spend more time in Greece and learning Greek, but both of those desires had to be tucked away for a few years.

Fast forward to 2018: I spent 2 months in Athens, taking private classes and going far outside of my comfort zone in order to chat with locals as much as possible. After traveling around Europe for a bit, I returned for another 2 months, one of which I spent studying in Crete. The following year, I spent another 6 weeks in Athens, and I was going to do the same in 2020, but then Covid-19 happened. Now I’m back again in 2024 and struggling to remember what I learned 4-5 years ago. Είναι δύσκολο!

Unlike my other sites, Lawless Greek is quite limited. No sound files, no comprehension exercises, just notes from what I’ve learned and lessons I’m able to piece together. I figure as long as I’m collecting this information, I might as well share it – for whatever it’s worth to other Greek learners. Enjoy!

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