Type AB Verbs

Τύπος AΒ ρήματα*

Greek type AB verb endings are the same as for B1 verbs:

εγώ   εμείς -με
εσύ   εσείς -τε
αυτός -ει   αυτοί -νε

Για παράδειγμα …

τρώω (eat)

εγώ τρώω   εμείς τρώμε
εσύ τρώς   εσείς τρώτε
αυτός τρώει   αυτοί τρώνε

Type AB Verbs

This is the complete list of AB verbs.

ακούω   listen, hear
καίω   burn
κλαίω   cry
λέω   say, tell
πάω   go
τρώω   eat
φταίω   make a mistake, be at fault

* I’ve also seen these called type B verbs.

Recognizing type AB verbs

The εγώ conjugation of type AB verbs always ends in a vowel other than a** + unaccented ω.

** Exception: πάω

AB and B1 verbs have the same endings, so what’s the difference? AB verbs do not have two conjugations in the 1st and 3rd person singular and 3rd person plural.

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